Baby Phat is a very nostalgic brand for a lot of people. From the shoes with the dramatic tongue that you probably used to stick your bell-bottom jeans behind, to the fur-lined jackets and t-shirts with the brand's cat stamped on it, Baby Phat was a serious mood and fashion statement at one point in time.

The brand's founder, Kimora Lee Simmons, has recently announced that she's purchased the company back from an unknown buyer and plans on relaunching it this spring. 

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

“It’s perfect timing for this,” Kimora told WWD. “Over the past several years, we realized the brand resonates with people and lives deep in their souls.”

Kimora served as creative director of Baby Phat from 2000 to 2010 while the company was an extension of Phat Farm, the men's extension of the brand that was previously run by her ex-husband Russell Simmons. When the brand was at its peak, it pulled in $1 billion dollars and was worn by many celebrities and big names alike. 

The new launch will be a “mainstream sportswear” collection for millennials targeted to the mid-tier retail level. Kimora plans on tapping into her past archive to update the looks that will have modernized “retro” elements.