Kim Kardashian's 2015 Land Rover Range Rover V8 is up for sale. According to TMZ, the luxury vehicle, which you may recognize from countless paparazzi shots over the years, is no longer in Kim's possession but could belong to you, if you can afford it. The car is being sold at Laguna Hills-based dealership Rosso Corsa for $85,880, a hefty but relatively reasonable price considering it originally sold for $151,000. According to the source, the Kardashian-West family put at least $20,000 of adjustments onto the vehicle, including 24" platinum Agetro wheels and a custom matte silver paint job, not to mention a luxurious interior. The car was used as a family car to drive the kids around and was reportedly delivered with some toys and makeup inside. 

No word on whether Kim has replaced her old car with another flashy new vehicle. We've seen the couple cruising around in a Lamborghini Aventador before, so a Range Rover is really on the more modest side of things for the two.

Kim recently said that her husband was well on his way to billionaire status, despite revealing he was in debt just a few years ago. Maybe another Lambo could be making its way to the driveway soon enough.