Although Kim Kardashian continues to be mocked for simply being who she is, it is important to note that the reality television star has been making major social justice moves. Her activism streak remains successfully and has aided in freeing a considerable amount of previously incarcerated folks. Of these freed convicts we find Paul Algarin, whom TMZ recently reported on. According to the news outlet, since his Kardashian-pushed freedom from jail, the ex-con has been showered with job offers and work opportunities. 

Algarin told TMZ that he is being scouted by people across the globe, including from countries in the UK and Africa. These opportunities range from modeling to work as a tattoo artist. Paul was also approached to help in the prison reform efforts along with Kim Kardashian. Even more recently, Kim K sent over a doctor to help remove the facial tattoo from Paul Algarin's face post-incarceration. Precisely, both Kim and Kanye funded the procedural costs. Evidently, the socialite must bring forth good luck. Perhaps such initiatives will further people's approval of Kim's law school dreams. Though regardless of what anyone has to say, the mother of four is grinding it out despite the opinions of her critics. Good look, Kim K.