Back in 1998, Momolu Stewart was cast in the poetry-driven film Slam that was co-written by Saul Williams. Although that could have been a life-changing experience for Stewart, he was sent in a different direction the following year when he was tried and convicted for the shooting death of 23-year-old Mark Rosebure. Stewart was only 16-years-old when he was sentenced to life in prison.

Kim Kardashian-West's prison reform efforts will soon be highlighted in her forthcoming Oxygen network documentary, and Stewart's case is one of many that she has taken on. Over the summer, Kim visited Stewart in prison and when it came time for his resentencing, she wrote the judge a support letter on his behalf.

"While incarcerated Momolu, in an attempt to somehow turn his life around, even though the rest of his natural life would seemingly be spent in prison took classes, including Dr. Howard’s Georgetown Prisoner’s Scholars program," Kim wrote. "He helped set up programs to help other prisoners. He took every opportunity to re-imagine his life while staying completely out of trouble."

Now, after serving 23 years behind bars, Stewart will walk free as early as next week after a judge granted his resentencing. The judge does believe that Stewart is responsible for the violent crime that was committed, but he noted that Stewart is now a "different person." Fans can expect to watch Stewart's case unfold on Kim Kardashian-West: The Justice Project.