Due to the massive followings they each have, the Kardashians shake up the internet every time any one of them makes a move on social media. Earlier today, Kim Kardashian sent her almost 50 million Twitter followers into a frenzy when she removed the "Kardashian West" portion of her Twitter name so that it just read "Kim." 

Some have speculated that the name change has something to do with the recent rumors of marriage troubles between her and Kanye. But she's changed the name back now -- without giving any reason for the brief time she spent as just "Kim" -- and she has also tweeted a new pic of her, Kanye, and their two kids, along with the caption "family." That should suggest that the random alteration has nothing to do with her family life. According to TMZ, there are rumors that she wants to be branded as a one-name celebrity, such as Oprah or Madonna