Kim Kardashian's costumes this Halloween have one common theme: musical icons. Over the last few days, Kim recreated the iconic looks of Cher and Madonna, but it's the third costume that's received the biggest reaction.

On Saturday night, Kim shared a video of herself dressed as Aaliyah in her video for "Try Again." As far as her outfit went, Kim's recreation was spot-on. However, when it comes to Aaliyah's music and image, fans of the late singer are generally very protective (let's not forget Drake and 40's scrapped Aaliyah project), which was illustrated in some of the reactions to the costume on Twitter.

At the same time, many fans came to Kim's defense. "I’m not even a Kim Kardashian fan but good lord....she loves Aaliyah just like the rest of us," wrote one user. "She looked good!" While some deemed the costume an act of cultural appropriation, others weren't so convinced.

Kim's other costumes haven't been quite as divisive. Check those out below.