Kim Kardashian West just launched a new line of sunglasses with Israel-based brand Carolina Lemke that features affordable, stylish and cool shades handcrafted by Kim. The 38-year-old chatted with The Hollywood Reporter at the intimate launch of the event and discussed her inspiration, as well as her first visit to Coachella this year to accompany husband Kanye West

On the topic of vintage shades, Kim admitted that she's stacked up some cool glasses over the years and her collection now includes Kanye's. "I have some really cool vintage ones. But I’ve been doing a storage project where I’m organizing all of my storage and Kanye’s storage and I found a box of so many sunglasses, the coolest vintage ones, in there," she explained. "He had so many amazing ones. I love Kanye’s sunglass moments. Even the ‘Stronger’ [2007 music video] glasses that he really put on the map that were so iconic — I have all of his original ‘Stronger’ glasses."

Kim will be headed to Coachella this year since Kanye will be hosting his beloved Sunday Service. As for what shades she's carrying with her, expect nothing but gold.

"It will be my first time going to Coachella. I’ve never been before. I definitely think one of the gold pairs of sunglasses is going to go with me," she said. "I don’t have my look yet but I’m feeling a golden, creamish-vibe. Either the really tiny ones or the largest ones. A little church Easter Sunday, it will be good!"