Kim Kardashian has been to all the G.O.O.D. Music listening parties that her husband Kanye West has produced the music for. Pusha T, Nas, Kid Cudi's, his own tape and more recently Teyana Taylor's. Clearly, the last party was her most favourite since Kim's latest almost-nude photo takes a cue from the most poppin' song on KTSE

In Kim's latest upload to Instagram, she poses on her knees with her legs spread wearing a black thong and grey sports bra. The caption for the photo reads "WTP" that's the last single on Teyana's tape, that stands for "Work This Pussy."

“You have to be a strong person to just handle all the negative comments and the negative energy that comes your way, because if you put yourself out there, [it’s] the nature of the internet [that] everyone’s going to want to hate,” Kim previously stated about her family having as many haters as they do fans. “That trolling energy that everyone puts out there, that negative energy, is really hard to deal with. It’s really, really tough.”