Understandably, Kim Kardashian has been reclusive in the time following the horrific robbery she suffered in Paris in early October. While her husband has been receiving treatment for his own mental condition, it's assumed that Kim has been getting herself ready to experience life in the spotlight once again. She hasn't posted on her own Instagram since the Paris incident, though she is presumably behind the new "Kimoji" account that was created a couple of days ago. 

Kimoji was initially the app -- full of emojis inspired by Kim and her backside -- that famously shut down the app store a year ago and, at one point, was raking in a million a minute, as Kanye boasted on "FACTS." The brand now encompasses much more than emojis, as Kim has made available a large selection of Kimoji merch, including the Kimoji portable butt charger and Turbo Thot leotards. With the new Instagram page, there looks to be a major Kimoji announcement coming tomorrow, Dec. 16. 

The first three posts on the Kimoji account are the same mini-clip of a jiggling booty, perhaps belonging to Kim. Then, in the row above, there are three more identical posts -- each showing the same photo of some large breasts resting on another woman's behind. As of last night, the top row of the IG page is now occupied by three more posts, all the same -- these ones showing a clip of a woman (again, Kim perchance) twerking in front of a Christmas tree. 

The caption to every single Kimoji post thus far reads, "DECEMBER 16." From the looks of it, December 16th could bring with it a new Kimoji line of undergarments, as all the women shown look to be wearing the same brand of undies. Hopefully we'll find out tomorrow. In the meantime, more twerking videos, please.