Kanye West and his Yeezy brand are readying a new selection of shoes that are rumoured to come out this Fall. But before we can get our hands on them for real, Kim Kardashian is here to show love to the previously released "Butter" Yeezy's that arrived back in June. Kim knows a thing or two about promotions and showing off her assets, so why not tie in her man's brand and pull in even more love to his empire. 

In the photo below you can see Kim posted up in a navy green two-piece getup, laying on a bed in the Butter Yeezy's. "Like butter. #Butter350’s #yeezy," she captioned the photo. 

Not too long ago Kim paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about Kanye's ever-growing brand. Jimmy asked her plain and simple if she's a billionaire and her response was: "I would say my husband is one, so that makes me one, right? [...] Close...close, by proximity."

"We have 160 positions to fill by the end of the year. Yeezy will hit a billion dollars this year. It is the 2nd fastest growing company in history. It is a unicorn on its way to becoming a decacorn," Kanye previously tweeted.