When the season 17 trailer of Keeping Up With The Kardashians debuted, the biggest update within the reality star family was Kim Kardashian's possible lupus diagnosis - an autoimmune disease that occurs when one's immune system begins to attack the body's own tissues and organs. The 38-year-old mother of four paid a visit to the Today show to provide an update on her health, assuring everyone that things are under control. 

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

"I was able to find an amazing doctor. We figured out what the problem is, and I, unfortunately, had to get put on medication to stop the symptoms… luckily, right now everything is under control, but autoimmune issues are really scary," she explained. 

“Before I knew what it was… you think of every worst possibility of what’s going to happen. You really do get into this depression for a minute, I got myself out of it but it was really scary to have to go through that.”


As for an update on her studies to become a lawyer, Kim is enjoying every moment of learning and is acing her tests along the way. 

“I took a test a week ago and my attorneys who are overseeing everything said, ‘If I wasn’t sitting here watching you take this test, I would have totally thought you cheated.’ I love it," she explained. "I’m so passionate about it, and it’s what I do all the time.”