This year has been a complicated one for Kanye West. Some would argue that his legacy was somewhat tainted in 2018 with all the outrageous things he said and the product he released. However, he did work on five albums this year and will soon be coming out with Yandhi. While the release date is now ultimately up in the air, Ye has promised that it will eventually come when the album is finished. It's a promising sign for what's to come and hopefully, the quality is up to par with the rest of his discography. In the meantime, he's spending some time with his family and raising his babies to become the best versions of themselves. Kim Kardashian recently shared an adorable moment between father and daughter on her social media, going close-up into an intimate time.

Kanye assumed daddy duties as he shared an embrace with his youngest child, Chicago, kissing her sweetly on the head. Funnily enough, Chi seems to want none of it as she stares off into the distance. All of the West babies have that same look though as they've definitely taken after their father, rarely showing emotion on their faces. 

The cute moment was shared with a simple emoji on Kim's part. The couple were in the news recently as they hired private firefighters to save their Los Angeles home, also helping out their neighbors in the process. Take a look at the adorable shot below.