Kim Kardashian-West has posted a new photo to her Instagram account which shows her family embracing their familial bond in the only way they could, through a meticulously-planned photo op. 

The family is decked out in their finest, with Kim dominating the photo in a feminine mini-dress and bleach blonde tresses. The rest of the clan is rocking a similar uniform of black, with North wearing a luxurious fur coat that is reminiscent of something her mother would wear. 

There is a candidness to the photo that is emphasized through North and Saint's refusal to look directly at the camera, giving the image an "outtakes" feel rather than a photo proper. Kim's stern gaze is anything but merry, while Kanye's uncharacteristic smirk brings a sliver of joyfulness to an otherwise deadpan holiday photo.

In other Kardashian news, Kim recently deleted all 25 of her family Christmas photos that she creative directed, leading to speculation as to why she would have done such a thing. The public backlash against Kylie's omission from these series of images is one very convincing argument, as many hoped the family would have confirmed or denied the young star's pregnancy with this very public photo opportunity. 

Maybe this Instagram post is a way to alleviate the attention away from Kylie and the strong reaction received by her non-presence in a social media frenzy.