Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, one of the most famous of America's famous couples, experienced a rough end of 2016, namely due to the violent robbery suffered by Kim in Paris as well as Kanye's mental breakdown, triggered by exhaustion, paranoia, and perhaps the blackmailing incident involving his cousin and a stolen sex tape that was mentioned on "Real Friends." Going into the New Year, though, it seems like any rumors of an imminent Kimye divorce can be tossed out.

Kim just got back on Twitter for the first time since she was held hostage in Paris, posting a photo of herself, Ye, and the kids, along with the caption "family." She also shared a heartwarming home video montage of the young family, set to the tune of Jeremih's "Paradise." With camcorder-style footage of Saint learning to walk, Christmas with the kids, North helping clean up Saint's baby vomit, and some parental romance between Ye and Kim, the video is downright beautiful, and it's a reminder that family -- and not celebrity -- might just be what is most dear to Kimye's heart. 

Watch the family video montage below.