Kanye West and Kim Kardashian surprised the world when 'Ye took it to a public forum, i.e., his live show in Atlantic City, to announce that the couple were expecting a baby.

The couple, who have only been together for less than a year, recently purchased an $11 million mansion, further cementing their relationship together. All this, and Kim has yet to get divorced. The most famous Kardashian sister visited Sway Calloway on Sway In The Morning recently, and spoke on her future baby with Kanye, whether or not she gets along with Beyonce, as well as other rumors about her.

"That is so not true," Kim Kardashian said of the rumors that she doesn't get along with Jay-Z's wife, Beyonce. "She couldn't be more...one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She is so sweet, I have no idea where these things come from. I think they just like to make up these feuds." When asked what Bey had to say on these rumors, Kim said, "We've never even talked about it. It doesn't even come up in conversation, probably because they get so many different stories of what's true not true, and vice versa."

She also spoke on her pregnancy, and the fact that she is still waiting on her divorce from Kris Humphries."If anyone really knew all the fertility problems and the things I was going through, God brings you things at a time when you least expect it. I'm such a planner, and this was just meant to be," Kim said.

Kim revealed in a separate interview with The Today Show that her baby is due in July.