Kim Kardashian has found extreme success by leveraging her looks. As such, her figure is often part of the social commentary. The television star faced some criticism following her recent weight loss. Although Kim seemed happy with how her body bounced back after her last pregnancy, others were worried about her transformation.

In comes her sister's personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson. The man who helped Khloe Kardashian sculpt her body spoke on Kim's weight loss.

“[Kim has] never looked less than perfect, and I don’t think you look at the number on the scale. If she’s happy and she’s healthy, then why would anybody weigh in on that? All puns intended.”

Kardashian had been making headlines since July after flaunting her body transformation. While Khloe praised her sister for the results of her hard work, her sister Kendall Jenner expressed some worry. She posted a Snapchat video during this same time period in which she said, “I’m really concerned ‘cause I don’t think you’re eating. Like, you look so skinny,” 

Kim's response to her baby sister was slightly shady with a pinch of sass. Mrs. West, a mother of three, is clearly unbothered.

“Oh, my God. Thank you. … I’m down to 119 pounds, but I will say when I take out my hair extensions, I am less.”