Five days ago, Kim Kardashian not only celebrated another birthday but ushered in a new decade. The reality star-media mogul turned 40-years-old, and in true Kardashian-West style, Kim posted beachside bikini photos showing off a little bit of skin. Page Six reports that Kim, along with her famous family and close friends, were whisked off to an island in the Caribbean where they marked the reality star's big day in luxury. On Instagram, Kim wrote a lengthy post alongside a few birthday pictures, noting just how her sisters made her feel special.

"You know I’m a sentimental person and this party was the most special. They re-created all of my special birthdays throughout my life from looking at all of our old home videos," said Kim, recalling that her late father Robert Kardashian loved to record their special occasions. "They re-created the party, The same balloons, the same cake, everything! My dad video taped and documented our whole lives so they showed each of the videos of my birthdays on a big screen behind the party."

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters replayed Kim Kardashian's birthdays by mirroring nightclubs, her Sweet 16, and even ponies. "Each and every detail that went into this was so special and I am forever grateful to my family for taking the time to put this together to celebrate me turning 40." Must be nice. Check out a few flicks below.