Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat will be glad to know that a certain celebrity who enjoys massive followings on each platform is officially back. After Kim Kardashian was shockingly targeted in a high-stakes robbery in Paris, during which she was bound, gagged, and held at gunpoint, she took an unprecedented hiatus from social media, which is an essential part of her worldwide brand. Kanye's mental breakdown the next month, and other family drama -- such as Blac Chyna's sudden escape from Big Rob -- most likely also contributed to Kim's three-month absence from social media. 

Well she's gone no more. She's now posted two Instagram pictures, but it's been on Twitter where she's really firing off the posts, even taking the time to respond to individual fans. She also shared a heartwarming family video montage -- set to the tune of Jeremih's "Paradise" -- which was apparently created by Kanye (revealed via her Snapchat, which is also currently hosting the video). 

Her latest post is another spontaneous, print-style photo that could very well end up in a museum someday. 

It will be interesting to observe her style and execution across the various social media platforms going forward. Remember that the Kardashians didn't have the strongest PR campaign over the past couple of months, and Kim's return to socials is a huge opportunity to not only alter her own image but also that of her whole clan. So far, she's killing it with a more natural, family-oriented approach.