Earlier today Kanye Westannounced that his upcoming title will be titled Yeezus, and will drop on June 18th.  On his way to hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, West's girl, Kim Kardashian sent out a pic of his red kicks, along with a CD case which, may be the cover for Yeezus.  

Obviously, this is not concrete, and is most likely not the final cover, but it wouldn't be surprising if this art was involved in the cover when it's released in a month. 

What do you guys think of this image? 

[Update: Kanye West reveals official cover art and pre-order link.]

Yesterday Kim Kardashian posted what looked like it could be the cover art for Kanye's upcoming album, Yeezus. And indeed, it was the cover art. Kanye revealed the cover on his website today, and he let go a pre-order link.

Check out the full image of the Yeezus LP above, and head here to pre-order. 

The album drops on June 18th.