Kim Kardashian appeared on today's episode of "The Ellen Show" and a lot of what she said was revealing.. She made her first public statements on Tristan Thompson infidelity scandal and spoke on Kanye West's return to Twitter. She admitted that he did it without letting her know and at first didn't even believe that it was real. In another segment, Ellen decided to question Kim Kardashian on Kanye West's happiness in several different scenarios on a round of "Is Kanye Happy Here?"

By photos alone, it's hard to predict whether Kanye West is happy or not. He rarely smiles, unless presented with an ice cream cone, and typically keeps a straight face during most photos. Ellen shared several photos of the couple and asked Kim whether 'Ye was happy in this scenario or not. They kicked off with a picture of Kanye, Kim, John Legend and Chrissy Teigan at Ellen's birthday party where John was the only one smiling. She later shared a recent family photo. Kim admitted that the kids started crying two seconds after the photo and because she wasn't happy, neither was Yeezy. For the most part, Kanye was happy through the majority of the photos, regardless of whether he shows it on his face or not.

Aside from the game, Kanye had quite the eventful weekend with the release of two new singles, "Lift Yourself" and the T.I. assisted, "'Ye Vs. The People. Both songs have received mixed reactions from the audience especially the latter which found Kanye owning up to his pro-Trump stance while T.I. played the role of "the people."