When you have as many followers on Instagram as Kim Kardashian does, there's little doubt that every picture you post and, more importantly, every selfie you take will be scrutinized far more than the average person's. In fact, even if you're choosing to share a stripped-down, ultra-provocative image with your fans, you can still get dragged for the oddest things, like the cleanliness of your kitchen.

That's exactly what happened to Mrs. Kanye West yesterday, after she posted a selfie on her profile that, while  arguably going for more of a sexy motivational advert, ended up becoming something far different for those who turned up in the comments. The photo and the caption are simple enough at first glance, with Kim K promoting (wearing just a white tee and underwear) a shake-centric healthy eating program that she's in the midst of completing. Check out the full post below:

While there's no doubt that Kim is looking as good as ever, the kitchen she's posing in could use some work. Specifically, fans were pretty grossed out by the location's lack of cleanliness and voice their displeasure in the comments. “If it is the kitchen of your house! It's dirty and ugly," one user said. "I couldn’t finish reading what [she] was selling over the bleakness level of this kitchen," added another. However, with over 2.6 million likes on that one picture alone, the shake program must be ecstatic with the kind of exposure Kim brought to their brand, dirty space and all.

Was Kim's kitchen a distracting factor in the picture, or was the view of the reality TV star enough? Let us know in the comments.