Kim Kardashian is serious about her activism. Similarly to her husband, Kanye West, she’s been politically active and last April, she shocked fans with news that she plans to become a lawyer. Now, shes lobbying for the release of Momolu Stewart, a D.C. man currently serving life in prison for a murder charge. Stewart was charged with the crime when he was 16 and after 22 years in jail, Kim believes he has shown substantial rehabilitation.

His release would be permitted under the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act, a D.C. law that allows the release of inmates who were charged as minors after serving 15 years. Next week is when Stewart will find out if he is up for release of not. He has earned his GED while in prison and received credits from Georgetown Prison Scholars. 

On the other side of the argument is Joyce Bagley who told Fox 5, “You took a life, you serve your time.” Bagley is the sister of the man Stewart murdered. Bagley’s brother was 23 years old and a new father at the time of his death.

The judge has already ruled that Stewart’s sentence will be reduced. Next week is when he will learn by how much time.