Kim Kardashian has more money than she likely knows what to do with, but she keeps on finding ways to stunt by dropping loads of cash on material status symbols. The superstar businesswoman and criminal justice reform activist has been dealing with issues in her personal life, reportedly getting the silent treatment from her soon-to-be ex-husband Kanye West, who has also built up an extreme amount of wealth for himself, being named the richest Black man in American history this week.

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As they privately navigate their divorce, Kim and Kanye have taken differing approaches to social media. Kanye is currently off of the internet while Kim continues to keep her millions of followers updated on her every move. On Wednesday, the reality television star posted a picture of her new grill, iced out by Gabby Elan Jewelry, which contains opal birthstones.

The bottom grill is the latest acquisition from Kim Kardashian, who has worn a grill on special occasions in the past. People are commenting on the teeth accessory, agreeing that the piece is beautiful and manifesting their own birthstone grills in the future.

During a recent conversation with Vogue, Kim spoke about how challenging the last year has been for her and her family. "I think that this year has been so challenging for so many people but I also think that this year was a huge cleanse and just a huge opportunity for people to really be grateful for the simple things and that is a huge awakening I think that so many people had and just who you want to spend your time with," she said. "The people that you allow into your home because everything is so scary and everyone's afraid of everything. I mean, just even the amount of time that I know me and all my parent friends spent with our children has been so beautiful. We get this time. I try to look at things from a positive way."

What do you think of her new grill?

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