Kim Kardashian is considered to be a fashion pioneer for some. Considering the fact that her growing sense of style is one of the main reason's why Kanye West cuffed her, it is only natural for the reality television star to keep push boundaries with her physical appearance. The latest involves temporary implants.

Kardashian had some fun, thanks to a company called A. Human who fixed a device to her body. The necklace, which appears to be made of actual skin glows. The star filmed her new look while the lights shining from her neck pulsate in synchronization. She speaks in a calm tone, explaining the technology. "My necklace glows like a heartbeat. It moves to the rhythm of my heartbeat." In another clip, she thanks A. Human for the flesh-like jewelry.

The social media star loves to surprise her fans with interesting looks. Sometimes, she leans towards the silly to keep them entertained like the time she posted a picture of herself and a friend picking wedgies out of their booties.

Generally speaking, she has become a modern fashion icon. The last time her outfit stole the show, she was wrapped tightly in a bright green latex dress. Then again, Kanye's tiny Yeezy slides got even more attention.