If you thought the Kardashians were going anywhere you were sadly mistaken since the family's reality show is preparing fans for its upcoming 17th season. A new trailer has arrived revealing just a few snippets of drama set to take place within the growing family. Off the top, we see that Khloe Kardashian's upset with the drama that unfolds in her life when a clip leads us into Kim's doctor visit where she's nervous about a possible Lupus diagnosis. 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"I feel this in my bones. I probably have Lupus," Kim says in the clip. We then see Kris Jenner get emotional over reports of her having an affair with OJ Simpson followed by the usual debate with Kim and Kourtney that revolves around Kourtney's distaste for the celebrity life. A new issue unfolds with Scott Disick and Kris' boyfriend Corey Gamble over a dinner table argument where Kris and Kim just sit in silence. 

By the end of the clip, Kim and Khloe begin to sage themselves from all the negative energy. "Sage my heart so it doesn't get fucked up by all these horrible human beings, " Khloe says. 

Season 17 premieres Sunday, September 8th.