A couple of months back, Kim Kardashian was shaded for sporting a set of cornrows she believed to be inspired by Bo Derek in the film 10. However, social media was quick to denounce her hairstyle, calling out the reality television star for cultural appropriation. Many believed that Kardashian had not recognized that she styled her mane with fulani braids, but instead, attributed the look to a white actress. 

However, Kardashian decided to appear at the MTV Movie & TV Awards sporting these highly-contested braids. Decked out in a two-piece Versace ensemble, the beauty and fashion mogul allowed her plaited tresses to take centre stage, as she opted out of wearing any flashy jewelry.

Once again, Twitter took offence, shaming Kardashian for her ill-advised hairstyle. One upset user wrote how "Kim Kardashian in these braids is exhausting. The most annoying part is that at this point she knows what she’s doing, she knows what cultural appropriation is and that it upsets people yet she still chooses to do it because she knows it doesn’t upset the right ppl or cost her $$."

Another disgruntled user notes how "u can wear the braids but ur biracial kid has the pressed hair?? Ok Ms. Kim Kardashian."