Kim Kardashian is not sweating the small stuff. Just yesterday a media marketing company accused her of stealing their logo for her new fragrance bottle. Kimoji from her KKW product line reportedly netted her $5 million within the first minutes of sales. The company alleges that Kim Kardashian has no business stealing their intellectual property and wants all existing bottles destroyed, as well as a healthy settlement package. So what did Kim Kardashian do or say in response. you may have guessed it?

Kim jumped on Instagram and posted a rear-angle selfie of her balancing the fruit shaped contents of her fragrance. Within minutes it became abundantly clear that her golf course jaunt was part of a promotional package geared towards the three new Kimoji fragrances. Kim's KKW Instagram page also accounted in a similar pose, albeit with her back on a clear surface area and the bottle turned upright.  

Vibes Media claims they trademarked their logo back in 2012, well before Kim's idea was even in the conceptual phase. Kim doesn't see resemblance between the company's logo and her bottle-shape, and based on circumstantial evidence I'd be hard pressed to disagree. Kim Kardasian hasn't alluded to much else, but her silence and relentless push speak volumes: Kim Kardashian will not be pushed around.