In order to celebrate International Women's Day correctly, we need to praise the women who grace our TV, computer and cinema screens every day. Some of the top power couples in Hollywood include Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott among others. The three women and their rapper partners rack up a lot of dough throughout the year, but a new report suggests that the women in their relationships do most of the earning. MissyEmpire came through with the numbers, showing approximately how much each power couple makes per annum, and the results show a huge wage gap between genders.

While the wage gap between men and women has been highly reported in the recent past, nearly all of the most well-known celebrity couples reveal women making more money than their male partners. In the case of Bey and Jay, Beyoncé makes more than double her husband's salary, raking in a whopping $105 million annually while Jigga brings home 45.5 M's. Although Kanye is accomplished in both the music and fashion industries, Kim earns the majority of their household income, with her salary at $42 million and Ye's at $17.5M. Kylie and Travis collectively make nearly $42 million per year, but 41 of those M's are made by Kylie in the most substantial wage difference of the bunch.

Shout out to all the women making their money and shifting power balances in their careers. Celebrate International Women's Day by viewing the full report here.