Virgil Abloh's passing has come as a huge shock to the fashion and streetwear community. After a battle with cancer, Abloh passed away on Sunday at the age of 41, and it has hit a lot of people hard. Virgil revolutionized the way we think about fashion and his Off-White aesthetics eventually found their way both Nike and Louis Vuitton. Abloh got to work with a plethora of brands, and his designs will forever live on, all while cementing his legacy forever. 

Abloh got to come up with the likes of Kanye West, as he was the rapper's creative director during pivotal moments of Ye's career. Of course, this led to a friendship with Kim Kardashian, who was particularly affected by Virgil's passing. On Instagram today, Kim paid homage to Virgil, noting just how tragic his loss is.

Kim, Kanye, Virgil

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

"God doesn’t make mistakes. I know that but I still can’t help but ask why. Why Virgil?! Why him so soon?" Kim asked. "It’s simply hard to understand why. I have a hard time understanding why so many pure souls were taken away so early. Virgil- you were always so gentle, kind and calm. You somehow made time for everyone. We also talked about your superpower of calmness often. You always gave so much of yourself to the world because you wanted it to be doper. This one is hard to process. I can’t even believe I am writing this… We will miss you so much Virgil and love you so much. Also I would love to send so much love to his wife Shannon. Because you loved and supported Virgil the way that you did, he was able to give so much of himself everyone else. So thank you truly for sharing him with us the way that you did. Virgil’s legacy will live on forever through Shannon, Lowe and Grey."

Abloh was a truly influential figure, and even in death, his legacy will truly live on. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family during this very difficult time.