Kim Kardashian's entourage has undergone a lot of character development, some would say she has levelled up. Without taking a cynical view of her progression, you can't help but sneer when a celebrity gets caught going candid. Kim Kardashian was in a mood last night, as she turned back the clock circa 1998, attending the Cher concert with high school clique. Kim graduated from Marymount high, an all-girls catholic school on the foothills of Santa Monica

The Girls Night out was captured on Social Media. The clique did a little pre-gaming as they prepped their outfits and make-up, only to come up short next to the ageless vampire corpse of Cher. Many in the field of hair and make-up marvel at the simplicity of Cher's cover up. Kim Kardashian owes a lot of her beauty product lines to inroads made by the legendary singer. Fact.

For obvious reasons Kanye was not in attendance, even though reports seem to indicate that wife Kim has been keeping a hawk-eye on her man's condition. Kanye is currently in Wyoming finishing up his albums in the furnished cabin he rented last month. Kim Kardashian letting her guard for more than a minute is probably a sign that things are going OK in the Cowboy State.