While Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner may have a 17-year age difference, the two half-sisters seem to get along just fine. After all, they both oversee lucrative cosmetic lines, have dabbled in fashion and apparel, while also reigning supreme on social media. 

Yesterday, the two mothers were seen hanging out together in their hometown of Calabasas, donning a similar pair of leggings with a skintight t-shirt and some stiletto boots. As a result, both Jenner and Kardashian flaunted identical figures with curves in all the right places. Both women have tiny waists and an ample derriere, giving them an enviable hourglass figure. 

Both Jenner and Kardashian also wore similar, rose-gold coloured mirrored sunglasses, capping off their matching ensembles in a glitzy manner.

Recently, Jenner began to erase Stormi's presence from her Instagram page, removing any image that contained her newborn's face. When probed about the decision, the makeup magnate did not clearly explain her motives other than the fact the she will not be sharing any more images of Stormi for the time being.