Kim Kardashian recently opened up her home to Vogue by giving viewers and exclusive and thorough look inside her California mansion. The visit included cameos of husband Kanye West and their adorable kids. The reality TV star is seen strutting through her "minimal monestary" home, revealing varying details surrounding the origin and inspiration behind the home's decor.

Though beautiful and lavish, what got the attention of all surrounded the home's technical setup. Despite showing off an enormous bath tub facing giant windows and a double vanity, fans noted a specific detail: the sinks had no basins. Most sinks seen throughout the video are covered despite fitting the home's overall minimalistic theme. And it seems the television personality offered endless details on everything except that, thus leaving social media to come up with the appropriate answers. The missing tubs sparked hilarious commentary across the internet, especially on Twitter. Users tweeted their most elusive theories, bringing forth matters of engineering and piping to discuss everything from the drain's positioning to the water flow's location.

The best theory thus far cites the bath-less sinks as not truly bath-less, but topped with marble covers which may be lifted with a special button. Genius.