Those who have been following Kim Kardashian's return to social media will recognize that she's been going for an entirely new aesthetic on Instagram. She's been posting seemingly candid washed-out family photos that certainly make the Kardashian-Wests look like a relatable young American family.

The photos look like they were shot in a home that is much more modest-looking than anywhere the celebrity family has been spotted before. In fact, Kim has been accused of purposely trying to make her family look less wealthy than they actually are. Some have wondered if she rented out a more humble living space simply to try to fool her followers. Not exactly. 

The house in question happens to belong to legendary producer Rick Rubin. Kanye has been spending a lot of time at Rubin's Malibu pad since the end of November, when he got out of the hospital following his highly publicized mental breakdown, reports TMZ. Rubin offered the residence to Kanye, a longtime collaborator of his, as a place to clear his head and escape the incessant drama of Hollywood. And Kim and the kids have regularly visited him while he's been there. 

It is a bit strange that so many of Kim's recent pics were taken at Rubin's house, but according to TMZ, these photos are not meant to change the perception regarding the family's well-being. Instead, they simply represent a very important time in the lives of the Kardashian-Wests, and Kim wanted to document all these special moments on the online scrapbook known as Instagram.