The Kardashian family has a pretty strange taste when it comes to interior design. Oftentimes, they will create headlines unintentionally for showing off their homes on social media. With the winter holidays rapidly approaching, people are starting to flex their Christmas decorations in their homes. If you're ahead of the game like the Kardashians are, you've already got a nice collection of holiday gear in the crib. At Kim and Kanye's Calabasas residence, a bunch of all-white sculptures have been set up and... they look a little odd. 

Jenny Anderson/Getty Images

Although the look of her home is absolutely stunning, it's also a little weird because some fans are noting the similarities between the cotton-like instalments and feminine hygiene products. Posting a few Instagram stories, Kim flaunted the all-white Christmas tree and its surroundings. "I love these. They’re so whimsical, like Whoville, but all white," she said. Fans are comparing the decorations nearby to tampons, toilet paper, dildos, and other products that have literally nothing to do with the holidays. Kardashian remarks that the ornaments are made from "plush" materials but, man, these look so funny.

How do you feel about Kim Kardashian's Christmas decorations? Are people overreacting or do these really look like tampons?