The rumor mill never ends when it comes to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Their marriage has created even more fodder for gossip websites than usual, and among the fodder, we've learned that 'Ye wants James Franco and Seth Rogen to perform their "Bound 2" parody live at their wedding, Kanye apparently wants to buy Kimmy Cakes Burger King franchises as a wedding gift, and the two are apparently looking at having their wedding reception at the Palace of Versailles in France.

In March we were told that the famous couple had locked down a wedding dateร‚ย in May, but now TMZ reports that the two lovebirds are planning to get married this week in a no-frills courtroom marriage. Word is they got a "confidential" marriage license so no one officially knows. Along with the confidential marriage license, it's being reported that a courtroom official will come to Kim and Kanye to marry them privately in their home, rather than the couple go out publicly to a courthouse.

Following their private marriage, the couple are reportedly still planning a lavish ceremony in Paris, and thus the wedding date we received in March could stick for these plans.