We had heard rumors that Kanye wanted Kim to give North a baby brother (and himself "an heir"), and on Father's Day (June 21), Kim happily shared the news that her husband's wishes have come true. We now know Kim is pregnant with a baby boy, though according to US Weekly, the sex of Kimye's baby was not left to chance. 

Apparently the couple was able to choose a male embryo through in vitro fertilization (IVF), a procedure that can cost upwards of $17,000. "She only had boy embryos implanted," a source close to Kimye told US Weekly. "Kim would have happily taken a healthy baby, but being able to choose the sex is the cherry on top!" 

If the news is true, is this another example of Kanye playing God? Watch out world: The heir apparent to the Yeezus throne is on the way.