Many were shocked yesterday, when it was revealed that Kim Kardashian had paid a visit to President Donald Trump in the White House. Despite her husband's affection towards Trump, Kim was only there on business. Her personal mission to obtain freedom for Alice Marie Johnson, the 62-year-old grandmother serving a life sentence in prison over a non-violent first offence, has led her to this meeting with Trump to discuss prison reform.

A noble pursuit indeed, but there were those who didn't feel the same way. One such outlet was the NY Post, who made the picture of Kim and Trump together their cover photo today. On the cover are a series of puns taken at Kim's expense. These include, "Trump Meets Rump," "The Other Big Ass Summit," and "Kim Thong Un."

Whatever your take on whether or not these puns are actually funny, it's obviously that they're not exactly respectful. According to The Hill, the NY Post has been taking some heat over their word choices from other media outlets, such as The Huffington Post and Mashable, which referred to the cover as "wildly sexist."

"Kim Kardashian is a businesswoman, reality television star, beauty mogul, and all-round pop culture icon," says the review. "But, the New York Post chose to describe the woman at the helm of a multi-million dollar empire as "Kim Thong Un" on its heinous front cover."

What do you think about the NY Post cover? Does it go too far, or is everyone getting upset about nothing?