According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian has been accused of plagiarism over a logo for one of her new lines of perfume. The Vibes perfume, one of which that put a cool $5 million in her pocket, apparently uses a logo visibly similar to company emblem that also employs the speech bubble design. The company, Vibes Media has effectively launched a lawsuit pointing out the discrepancy.

The lawsuit alleges that Kim Kardashian West Fragrance aka KKW Fragrance, stole its design idea and implemented it in their Kimoji line of perfume. Out of the three aromatic flavors offered in the Kimoji line: Vibes, Peachy and Cherry. Only Vibes is being targeted by Vibes Media in their court appeal. According to reports, the perfume bottle is itself shaped like the logo they have hanging inside their Chicago offices.

The lawsuit adamantly states that Kim Kardashian West has no business using its trademarked logo. The media company is calling for all "Vibes" Kimoji line to be permanently destroyed, but it doesn't stop there. They are also seeking restoration fees or damages for the ordeal. Vibes Media is a mobile marketing company that specializes in B2B solutions for businesses hazarding through their growth period.

How very unfortunate.