Those damn Americans and their skinny jeans! That was probably the thought going through Kim Jong-Un's mind when e decided to ban the popular clothing style in North Korea. That wasn't all tough. Jong-un also banned ripped jeans, mullets, sloganed T-shirts, and lip and nose piercings. As reported by New York Post, the ban is meant to crack down on “decadent” Western style and culture. 

“We must be wary of even the slightest sign of the capitalistic lifestyle and fight to get rid of them,” Kim wrote in an article. “History teaches us a crucial lesson that a country can become vulnerable and eventually collapse like a damp wall regardless of its economic and defense power if we do not hold on to our own lifestyle.” 

Just last year, it was rumored that Jong-un was dying, however, those rumors appeared to be false. The recent bans come during a strange time in North Korea. The government has been trying very hard to crack down on foreign influence, going as far as banning and regulating the K-pop music coming from the southern half of the peninsula. As the world gets smaller due to the internet, North Korea keeps finding it more and more difficult to restrict outside influence.