Despite being a beautiful place to live with many opportunities for creatives to strive, there is always the looming threat of natural disasters in Los Angeles. We all know that a major earthquake is bound to hit in our lifetimes, which will likely change L.A. as we know it. On top of that, the city and all of California have been experiencing a drought that seems to be getting worse by the day. Wildfires have been striking California and nobody is immune to the power of Mother Nature. Not even the Kardashians.

Money can buy you a beautiful house in the Hills, plenty of luxury cars and help for around the mansion. The Kardashians have it all... However, it's impossible to escape the natural threats caused the land on which we live. That's something that Kim Kardashian and Kourtney learned the hard way today. As they made their way back to their homes, Kim noticed the growing fire out of her window and it was so bad that she evacuated her home. Kourtney followed suit as they noted they only had one hour to pack and make sure everybody was safe. According to E!, Kim thanked all the firefighters in a social post, saying, "They are evacuating everyone right now from all of their homes."

Thankfully, the family is safe as Kanye West has just tweeted that they're doing well.