KILLY Explains Why He'll Choose Drake Over Lil Wayne Any Day

Alex Zidel
September 05, 2019 12:00

KILLY makes some hard decisions on the latest episode of "This Or That."

Our This Or That series has been getting more and more regular as we invite artists to spend time in the office, chopping it up and asking them the tough questions. KILLY is often recognized as one of the younger cats from Toronto that can shift the course of the industry in the years to come. His latest project Light Path 8 featured some extremely high moments in its production and you can clearly see that the 22-year-old has been evolving strongly as a rapper. Passing by our headquarters, we played a quick round of This Or That with KILLY, forcing him to choose between some Canadian food staples and more.

We started off with a tough one, asking the recording artist if he would prefer ketchup or all-dressed chips. If you've never taken a trip up to our neighbors in the north, you're likely shaking your head at those options. However, if you've traveled to Canada, you know what's good. KILLY ended up selecting Lays' variety of ketchup chips, which we totally recommend. The rising star also said that he considers himself a man of all hours, waking up early (before promptly falling back asleep) and staying up late as he perfects his craft.

Some of his most interesting answers came when he was tasked to choose between Lil Wayne and Drake. It's a question that stumps almost all of our participants. KILLY offers up a great point, saying, "There'd be no Drake without Lil Wayne, right?" He did end up coming clean, though.

"Personally, I'm a Drake fan," he said. "I'm a Lil Wayne fan too but I think Drake's the GOAT, so..." It makes sense. After all, they're from the same city. Another one that got KILLY in his head was when he contemplated between a Kanye West verse or a Yeezy beat, choosing the latter after considering his choices.

Peep the rest of KILLY's answers in the video above and listen to his latest project here.

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