Rapper and activist Killer Mike has polarized Twitter after a meeting with Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp on Wednesday. Kemp's gubernatorial policies have been controversial and divisive, notably refusing to take proactive coronavirus measures to protect his constituents and even threatening to sue Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms over the city's lockdown and mask policy. In August, Kemp ratified a new law to introduce new measures to protect law enforcement officers, a move that has been criticized as tone deaf in the midst of a national movement to increase police accountability. 

While still a gubernatorial candidate, Kemp was also investigated for purging over 300,000 voters from the state's voter rolls during his tenure as the 27th Secretary of State of Georgia, a move that disproportionately affected Georgians of colour. 

Killer Mike, who has long advocated for dialogue, has remained firm on his stance. Responding on Twitter this morning to the numerous users weighing in on his meeting with Kemp, he remained steadfast in his belief that change comes from engaging with opposing ideologies and fostering dialogue between communities and lawmakers.