Killer Mike's new Netflix show is being marketed with the emphasis towards the notion "culture shock," as you would expect from someone as polarizing as Killer Mike, himself a "Bernie Bro" who upholds the Second Amendment. Trigger Warning, hosted by Killer Mike, will debut on the Netflix streaming platform on January 18th. Before you dip into the promotional trailer, consider this: Killer Mike stands opposite the hypothetical constructs of what it means to be a modern American, by defying the bilateral approach by which the USA is narrowly built.

In the trailer, Trigger Warning depicts Killer Mike in his desired role vis-a-vis the "Rest of America:" as a provocateur in an assortment of uncomfortable situations - one of which includes him turning down a lap dance from an Asian stripper whilst announcing his consumer privilege with the tagline "only buying Black."

In the next vignette, you see Killer Mike purporting "Crip-A-Cola" as a signifier equal to or greater than a Hell's Angels logo appearing on a branded t-shirt, all in an effort to create ethical dilemmas that fall outside the normal line of reasoning in contemporary culture. So do yourself a favor and check out the trailer (above) while you await the show's premiere in January, and a fourth Run the Jewels project sometime later in 2019.