With the arrival of Netflix’s Rapture series, in which the likes of Nas, T.I.Rapsody, and Logic are chronicled, came a fitting soundtrack, featuring appearances from today’s heavy-hitters. Among those voices, you could find Killer Mike and 2 Chainz on “Black Power. White Powder.”

In the episode that explored Nas’ career, the Queensbridge rapper joined Killer Mike during a session in which the Atlanta emcee was actually recording the song. In the scene, Nas watches Mike put the track together and praises the southern veteran's skills and the compliment didn’t go unnoticed.

In a recent talk with Billboard, Mike opened up about working with 2 Chainz and hearing Nas’ words.

"I'm so humbled by that," Killer Mike told the publication last week. "Nas is truly one of the greatest lyricists to ever come out of Queens, which has produced more great MCs than any other borough. He's one of the greatest emcees of my lifetime and in the world. He's also a friend. So, for him to say that, I really appreciate it.

He would go on to add words of wisdom that Nas’ once imparted that he still keeps with him: "The best advice that I've gotten from Nas is honestly to just be me and to keep staying true to myself," he said. "It took me a long time to figure out how to pop, but then, when you get famous, people are kind of like, 'Oh, well, we don't want as much of you.' Nas really taught me to keep being intelligent, keep being street, keep being unapologetic about it and keep being down for the people."