Bette Midler popped her head out to make a racially insensitive statement about women's treatment in society. She quoted John Lennon and Yoko Ono's song "Woman Is The N*gger Of The World" to express the terrible nature of the abuse against women. The actress received major backlash for her tweet and has since apologized. Rapper Killer Mike is among those who are willing to accept her apology as long as she is willing to "shut up and listen."

When asked about the issue, Mike speaks of the root of the issue, which is, in his opinion, "White male patriarchy."

"The grain of truth whether it's there or not in terms of women being treated by their male counterparts, it starts with White male European patriarchy. So in terms of the first person oppressed by White male patriarchy [...] was going to be person laying next to them. But ultimately, it's not the type of truth to try to associate yourself with because Black women are treated worse than anyone"

He urges "liberal allies" to stand for what they believe in by supporting the Black women who have spearheaded civil rights movements from the get-go.

"We need more than allies. We need co-conspirators [...] Your ass needs to be next to Angela Davis and advocating what she's advocating for."

Killer Mike also speaks of the "angry Black woman" stereotype. Peep the full clip below.