Sunday's Las Vegas shooting leaves Killer Mike nervous to take the stage at The Austin City Limits Music Festival that begins this weekend. Killer Mike tells TMZ (via a video chat) that his security is trying to keep him and all other artists in a close watch and have them "adhere tightly" to any moves.

Despite how he feels about performing at the festival, he's still going to do the show with pride for all who attend. "My heart goes out to people who suffered and my heart goes out to concert-goers period, who are afraid. I don't think people should go to movies or concerts or school or anything afraid. I hate that this wave of terror has been thrown out on concerts. But with that said I have a job, and my job is to make people happy, sing and dance and that's what I'm gone do."

Killer Mike says it makes him nervous especially being a dad and a husband, adding that you can't spend too much time in your head. He understands people who second guess attending any concerts going forward, but says "don't let fear raid."

"I think the greatest testament to America and Americans has been our resilience and our faith that problems can be fixed and people can go on and live a full and enjoyable life, which includes concerts and outings and things that are public in nature. I don't want people to get scared and locked up in their houses."

Killer Mike recently shared his opinion on Atalanta's new act of reducing the penalties for anyone carrying marijuana. In another video, Killer Mike said the move shows that "Black Lives, Future and Freedom matters." Adding, "Y'all have shown ya self to be Progressive and I further challenge y'all to push the progressive line as city council members and Any post ya hold. Bravo."

Watch Killer Mike's full stance on his upcoming festival performance below.