Killer Mike has been advocating for Bernie Sanders for years now. The rapper is intelligent and well-spoken, but sometimes his statements miss the mark. That's what happened this past weekend when Killer Mike compared the struggles of Martin Luther King Jr. to those of Democratic presidential nominee hopeful Bernie Sanders. The entire debacle started when Killer Mike responded to a tweet by author and Hillary Clinton supporter Zachary Wood. Wood himself was responding to a tweet by Bernie where Mr. Sanders asked the youth to get out and vote. "There’s just something about you, @BernieSanders, that pisses me off," Wood wrote.

Once he saw Wood's response, Killer Mike hit back with a screenshot of an article titled, "Even Though He Is Revered Today, MLK Was Widely Disliked by the American Public When He Was Killed." Essentially, the rapper was comparing hatred for Sanders to the anger and animosity that MLK faced while he was alive. Mike continued on to write, "Your tweet better help. Me understand I’m on the correct side of history. Thank U." Killer Mike's response received many confused and angry replies. 

Killer Mike responded in kind, claiming that he has been taught by those that worked with MLK, so his opinion rules supreme.