Killer Mike has taken to social media to defend comedian Bill Maher in the wake of backlash over some recent controversial comments that were siad on his show Real Time with Bill Maher.

Maher, the host of HBO's weekly political comedy talk show for over a decade, is certainly no stranger to negative press, but the Run The Jewels emceee thinks the general public is overreacting to the issue, taking to Twitter to explain that he is "cool with" with Maher. He wrote, "My end goal is true freedom and not exhausting my life mad at white people when I can love my life loving black people." Throughout the conversation, he reiterates his belief in freedom of speech and argues that there are more important discussions to be had, including "Black Banks, Gentrification, Economics & Trade Education." He clarified that, while he found Maher's remarks tasteless, he was not then "emotionally moved to rage." Read all his tweets below.