Killer Mike has become somewhat of a polarizing figure. Many have come to admire the Run The Jewels rapper, who once got his start as an OutKast protege on debut album Monster. Since his arrival to the game, Mike has certainly grown in proverbial stature, arguably evolving as a lyricist and emcee with every passing year. Not only that, but Mike has become increasingly politically active, having campaigned for Bernie Sanders, appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher, and caught heat for some divisive NRA-related comment. In that sense, who better to shake the very foundation of Western Society than one Michael Render?

In case you didn't know, Mike has teamed up with Netflix to host an original series called Trigger Warning, and today marks the arrival of the official trailer. Throughout the course, Big Mike lets his mischevious nature bubble to the forefront, poking fun at all walks of life in the name of Black excellence. Obviously, there's an element of satire to be found throughout, a notion that should be evident given the show's title. Yet Mike appears more than cut out for the role, with an infectious personality and no-nonsense demeanor.

Throughout the clip, Mike stakes his claim on "New Africa," starts a religion, teaches a child about white privilege, refuses to pay an Asian stripper, makes the Crips "marketable," and more. Check out the trailer, which features an appearance from RTJ partner El-P, below. Trigger Warning hits Netflix on January 18th.