It's been big news for some time that Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle are an item and things got even more serious when they recently announced their engagement. Since then, headlines about her joining the Royal family and moving to London can be seen almost anywhere. 

Meghan attended the Queen's annual Christmas brunch for the first time and Princess Michael was in attendance wearing a Blackamoor brooch pinned to the left side of her blazer. When her choice of accessory hit the headlines, especially since Meghan is half Black, she issued an apology saying she's "very sorry and distressed that it has caused offence" and the brooch was a gift she's worn many times without controversy. 

A source tells TMZ she's going to retire the brooch for good. The publication also notes that this is not the Princess' first offence in the race department, she allegedly told a group of Black diners in New York to "go back to the colonies" in the year 2004. 

Killer Mike did not go easy on the Princess in his recent share to the gram with a caption that reads: "Like Don King (said during trump campaign) And many OG Blacks (men in particular) have said my whole life “U still, a nigga”. I was silently watching cuz I knew the bullshit was coming and thank This Full blooded White Royal piece of shit for reminding us no matter who the prince “loves” this family on that throne don’t give a fux about “blacks, Africans, Niggers, Niggas, Negus and any partial and or halves” #PoorWhitesEither. Thanks Racist old white bitch. We needed The reality check."